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Ardennes Tech Quick Couplers   Attaches rapides Ardennes Tech
Ardennes tech CC quick couplers are compatible with Caterpillar and Verachtert.

6 Models are available in wide or narrow version: CC10, CC20, CC30, CC40, CC45, CC55 to cover the range of 5 up 60T excavators.
All of them can fit buckets already equipped with CW Verachtert ears.

This system produced more than 30 years as proven its advantages.  Very compact & light can be mechanical or hydraulic. It perfectly suits excavator geometry and keep bucket maximum digging force.

Ready to weld ears are available from stock and make your bucket easy to be transform into quick coupler in an ordinary work shop.

CC 30-H CC 30-H CC 30-M Ear Kit for CC40 CC 20-M with Ear Kit

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Produced From




310mm 70kg Cast Steel 5 to 11T

CC20 S

420mm 170kg Cast Steel 12 to 17T

CC30 S

420mm 230kg Cast Steel 18 to 23T

CC40 S

420mm 260kg Cast Steel 24 to 30T


550mm 280kg Cast Steel 24 to 30T

CC45 S

550mm 410kg Welded Steel 31 to 45T


680mm 500kg Welded Steel 31 to 45T

CC55 S

560mm 650kg Welded Steel 40 to 60T


720mm 750kg Welded Steel 40 to 60T
NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice and with no obligation to units already sold. Where specifications are critical to your applications, please contact us.